Mania D. Berlin



In July 1978 Karin Luner and I decided to form a band after a disco tour with Florian from Kraftwerk through Düsseldorf. Realised in May 1979 in Berlin, where the all-girl underground band Mania D. was founded. On the recommendation of bass player Beate Bartel, I travelled to her friends in Paris to buy a Henri Selmer alto saxophone. In November I shared a chamber at Arleen Schloss, 330 Broome Street, NYC with the 18-year-old SAMO© aka Jean Michel Basquiat, who was reading both my diaries. He took over my misspelling. Happened to me while writing quickly. Saxaphon.We fertilised each other with ideas.


kitchen Karin Luner ©michaelgoessling ©karinluner


shooting FASHION INTELLECTION ICC Berlin ©evagoessling


Teufelsberg ©evagoessling  thx Lazlo Moholy Nagy ©evagoessling


false color photography Karin, Gudrun, Beate, Bettina  ©evagoessling


It was Karin`s idea to shoot a Super8 film for our performances. She did the direction, styling, make-up and our fashion for the film „Fashion Intellection“. The film was shot at the ICC and on the Teufelberg. My brother Michael supported us.


Nordstadt Gallerie Wuppertal © Marita Welling-Lindicke


„Anyway, our first concert was in a gallery in Wuppertal. Volker Anding was a gallery member and gave me the space to organise a show. I put together a Super 8 programme with films by Rainer Fetting and I also exhibited fashion, „Art as Art as Fashion“ was a concept that was later much more recognised. The gallery members hated the concept…The film „Fashion Intellection“, a film with exclusively Mania D, unfortunately got lost in my eternal moves“, Karin Luner, the driving force, which brought us to NYC when the Lower East Side was decaying in nineteen hundred and seventy-nine.


Wuppertal and New York, playing at A`s, color xerox works a.o. by SAMO©


Eva Goessling, Beate Bartel
M_Documents Ventil, Mainz, 2022

And then: most glorious music, I assume. Bettina Köster with „Der Novak“. „Kaltes klares Wasser“ and „Geld/Money, Malaria mit Bettina und Gudrun, Director Brigitte Bühler. Beate Bartel with her band Liason Dangereuses „Los niños del parque“, produced by Conny Plank, who gave Kraftwerk and Eurythmics their sound. BLÄSSE with „Lieben Sie Saxofon“ SAMOs© idea of two sax melodies playing around each other. „Die Sonne“ Gudrun with Blixa Bargeld, just cool.

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