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1935 before the Nuremberg Race Laws

Friederich Morgenschweis, born 1910 in Hoboken, Antwerp, the first child of a Belgian Manouche, as Sinti are called in France and Belgium. 1914, when the Germans invaded Belgium in violation of international law, Belgians killed his German father Joseph. Half a year later, Josephine his mother took her own life. As Friederich could not give proof of beeing Aryan he was taken into „Protective custody“. Released later, when the prison chaplain Karl Morgenschweis, his uncle, presented it to the authorities. So he was „only half-aryan“. For centuries, Morgenschweis had been Catholic church servants, church musicians, mainly cello, violin and clarinet. He had to go to Norway, ended up as a Russian prisoner of war. His wife declared him dead. Back from Siberia, he found his wife newly married with two more daughters, not his. He was my mothers father. She, and her younger brother took their own lives, two decades after he thought he had protected them from the worst discrimination in convent boarding schools. He outlived his children by 23 and 24 years.

This reminds me right now of a quote by Jimi Hendrix: When the power of love triumphs over the love of power, the world will find peace. A poetic utopia.

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Disenfranchised and robbed

Exhibition about the Jewish art dealer Max Stern, at the Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf until 30 January 2022. His escape to Canada saved him. The Jewish art dealer Alfred Flechtheim, disenfranchised and robbed of his large Avantgarde Art Collection, died impoverished in London in 1936. What did it mean to be disenfranchised? These stickers give a hint of it. Jewish shop! Anyone who buys here is photographed. The Jew lives in this property. No Jew lives in this property.

The small ones were pasted on letters. Free propaganda: „The workers have never been rich from the Jews, but the Jews have always been rich from the workers. If the war is to blame for the German people starving, then the Jew should also starve. The revolutionaries 1918 did not push the property of the private to the people, but the property of the people to foreign countries and to the Jew.“ Idiot`s. 1918? The paramilitary Freikorps started to overthrow the Weimar Republic, which was proclaimed on 9 November 1918. Emil Bührle, later an art collector belonged to one of the paramilitary Freikorps units. Kristallnacht, the November pogrom was on 9 November 1938.

Idiot“ comes from the ancient Greek, its meaning? A simple person who did not participate in political life. In this sense the Nazis were not idiots – they did politics. What comes out when idiot`s make history also reminds me of Emil Bührle, an arms manufacturer who also profited from forced labour in concentration camps. His art collection, acquired cheaply from 1936 until the beginning of the 1950s, now also serves the city marketing of Zurich. Art&Crime: A work by Jean-Michel Basquiat, painted in ink and blood in 1980. The D is mirror-inverted. With this reversal he refers to the reversal, the metaphorical transformation of the old symbol of luck into its bloody opposite. D= Deutschland, where the symbol of luck was reversed into its unthinkable tragic misfortune.

That his entire oeuvre is a fals flag attack on the art world, as a tribute to the victims of embellished history? He hints at this hidden throughout his work. In his painting „Job Analisis“ it says Sept 1939, which is a disguised reference to history and his job vocation. September 1939 represents the most momentous fals flag attack in the history of mankind. It launched WWII and, as a consequence, the „Endlösung“, the complete annihilation of the Jews. What is Mickey Mouse doing here? With its defining colours black, red and yellow, the national colours of Belgium and Germany, he also refers to the people murdered in the Belgian Congo with approx. 8-12 million people who had to pay with their lives for the insatiable greed of the Belgian King Leopold II. Why do I know this? We talked about it in 1979 and I was able to recognise it in his work, an ingenious enigma puzzle. So, who offers three ???

Mister Basquiat– the real one,

Düsseldorf, 27 September 2019 shown in the exhibition space of the oldest art association in the world, the Düsseldorfer Malkasten, founded in 1848. Foto shot by Bobby Grossman on the day, when John Lenon was killed, 8 december 1980. www.basquiat-headquarter.de,

Industrial Dance Music, 1980

14 was Alexander von Borsig, aka Alex Hacke when he created the Concert poster for our band BLÄSSE. Berlin 1980 + New York 330 Broome Street. Industrial dance music he called it. Nice inscription, I think. Today he plays with Danielle Picciotto + Einstürzende Neubauten.

29 July 1978, Düsseldorf

the day Karin Luner, art student in Berlin and I decided to form a girl band. The night before we danced in the nightclubs of Düsseldorf. Florian Schneider-Esleben, Kraftwerk, the best dancer in town drove us in the Mercedes 600. Karin also lived in NYC, where she had drum lessons with Fred Maher, Lou Reed’s drummer. In May 1979 we started in Berlin with Beate Bartel, Sound technician at Radio station Free Berlin. Beate brought Gudrun Gut and Bettina Köster along, both previously played with the Berlin band DIN A Testbild. In October, Beate(Bass) SAMO© (Syntheziser) and I played at A`s, Broome Street. SAMO© and I played at A`s on Halloween, the night before the Beuys Retrospective . Members of Mania D. founded the bands Malaria!, Einstürzende Neubauten, Liason Dangeraux, Blässe Düsseldorf, Die Krupps, played with LIEBESGIER and had a plethora of solo projects e.g. Gudrun Gut & Blixa Bargeld, Bettina Köster, Beate Bartel:

SAMO© ESTA EN ALGO, my Basquiat case.

Photo`s Thomas Ruff, 2010.

Autumn nineteen hundred and seventy-nine, eighteen he is, twenty-one me, he poems, I poems, he makes noise music, fake-punk-jazz me, a blind window has our chamber in New York’s Lower East Side. He played with a synthesizer, borrowed from Michael Holman, a saxophone, not borrowed, I. We played with words and ideas and read to each other. He writes SAMO© ESTA EN ALGO in my suitcase, as a farewell, so that he would always be with me. There will not be a reunion, as promised to each other. Spanish by a young New Yorker. Being from Düsseldorf I doesn’t know Spanish. Thirty-two years later I see a picture painted by him long after we parted. The title of the picture SAMO© ESTA EN ALGO, Jean-Michel Basquiat. Years later I found out that SAMO© ESTA EN ALGO is an enigma. And also the reason why he smudged the two-line MAN MADE with his saliva. 2011 the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported about our past in 1979, when he was not yet the painter.

Michael detected Basquiat`s code

by recognising the sense of the misspelling SAMO© left in my diary in 1979 as a key. Basquiat quotes „Gods, Graves and Scholars“, C. W. Ceram, who quotes Arthur Schopenhauer in his chapter on Schliemann, the discoverer of Troya, who was not spared scorn by experts: „Dilettantes, Dilletantes!“ – that is how those who pursue a science or art, out of love for it and pleasure in it, per il loro diletto, are called with contempt by those who have taken to it for the sake of profit; because they only delectate the money that can be earned with it. This contempt is based on their base conviction that no one will seriously attack a thing unless necessity, hunger, or some other greed spurs him on to it.“ Michael? My big brother, who became, in a metaphorical sense, an art-historical Michael, a messenger, a warrior for the good.