on the road


again and again and again


Hamburg, Karolinen Quarter, Markus Oehlen


atlantic french


Switzerland in the Seeland between Lake Biel and Lake Murten


Blue hour in Belgium, close to the Empire of Light


Paestum on an early morning in July.




Route Pissarro  (Napoléon) in the Var forest at Pascal Lamorisse.


Musée Unterlinden, Isenheimer Altar.


Lucerne, Sardegna, Fiori Rivera, Napoli


Elves, singing and walking on their knees through the Wadden Sea, Borkum.


Eileen Grey  E 1027 Roquebrune Cap Martin, Architecture of love.


Madame Poussin went shopping. Weißenfels an der Saale.


East Berlin station „Friedrichstraße“ 1979


near Dornbirn, Switzerland

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