Super 8

merci Kodak Super 8 film

1981 before the Wall, musicans imitate the relaxation dance from the sience-fiction TV-series „Raumschiff Orion“. Kristof Hahn, Oliver Huzli, Richard Pleuger, Thomas Wydler, Eva Gössling, Gropius building. Music Komödi Trakik.

January 1980 back from NYC, riding from Station Friedrich Strasse over the Death-Stripe to West Berlin, not leaving the Western Allied Zone. You drove over the Wall and took the train back without border control. From the West to Kommunism and back in an old S-Bahn train, January 1980. Camera Werner Schmiedel. Idee: Eva Gössling, Music BLÄSSE: Brigitte Bühler, Xao Seffcheuqe, Eva Gössling „Lieben Sie Saxofon“


The stairwell of the car towing „service“ Bender.
Practice rooms for bands in the basement. Above, artists‘ studios. Light, fish head, red hair, blue tiles, theatre blood, wonderful silliness. Music Blässe „Taktlose Klapperschlangen“ Mai 1981.


A lazy afternoon in late summer 1980 in the cabbage-growing district Hamm, southern Düsseldorf. What do you do with your affection in the daily emptiness. Thinking of movement, Leoš Janáček and trains.

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