Planetary dust consolation

Silently Singing Goose
Flutter to fluctuating shore, laying in royal blue blue shadows

resuscitated with delicate ears. Desert Child grain freeze dried a mouth, a red flakes on again and again and again.

Pink listening mussels smile. Life of Your Mouth
Planetary dust my consolation nibbled quietly.




Oddyseus with Nereid

gently sparkling in choppy wave salad, Poseidon sluggish slumbers, Cap Camarat is freed, bold crickets nibble Pampelonne and Telemachos one reads, has only anger, anger, anger.




a sky, behind Chames

Meekness of a salamander inside, nightingales outside, buddlleia trees remaining, softly moistened by Ernst with Clothilde. The eternity of my distance, hesitantly tipping on toes, deserted in a far away sky from black and Chames. Universe, behind the clouds.




Silent morning white
misty damp cool robes
deeply beaujolay
it creeps
tipple the tap
cuddly in skin
nibbles in the head
spoiled laizzes-fair
The East is red
The West is blue

The wisdom is white
Brouilly. Hicks.




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