What is so ingenious about Basquiat’s recipe in „The New Wave Cook Book“ ?

Stanley Moss published favourite recipes from the NYC New Wave scene in 1980. Michael Holman, Tina L`hotsky, Amos Poe, Anita Sarko, Basquiat a.o.. Only for Basquiat’s cryptic contribution, no food had to be bought. Stan has published Basquiat’s artistic camouflage recipe and didn’t know it til today. Mixing well in the only way that makes sense: upside down. STAGNANCY: his surface that confirms the clichés, black artist, wild, chaotic,intuitive “ primitive“ art, which he used to camouflaged his hidden narratives. They let him become a catalyst for the GOD DOG evolution. Gods? The inventor of civilisation from Africa. The Metropolitan Museum is currently showing the exhibition „The African Origin of Civilisation“. Dogs: thier descendants. Stan with his portrait card he gave me 1979 in my diary and his gift, my portrait card. You can order the New Wave Cook book from Amazon. Why Stan cut the I from the original?

Stan founded The Club of Venice, a private conversation on brands and branding, and is brand guru for Gottschalk+Ash of Zurich. He served as CEO of the Stockholm-based Medinge Group, a think-tank on international brands and branding.

Sun Ra: a catalyst changes everything what remains unchanged Sun Ra and Sun Ra`s Pyramide circle painted by Basquiat. More in MONTREAL on basquiat-headquarter.de