2014 inside: Creamcheese, Düseldorf`s world famous Nightclub

Düsseldorf Night Club with Blinky Palermo, Joseph Beuys, Nam June Paik, Kraftwerk, etc…At the Guggenheim, a Legendary German Art Disco Is Reborn for One Night Only After the horrors of World War II, German national identity was primed for an anything-goes reinvention — and creation always needs a laboratory. This past Saturday evening, the Guggenheim transformed into a re-creation of a decades-old Dusseldorf discotheque called the Creamcheese club, where visual artists and musicians tussled with ideas of originality, abstraction and innovation. The Guggenheim’s one-night-only event paid homage to a space that from 1967 to 1976 served as a revolving door to nearly all of Germany’s globally influential creative class. Detalis & pix made in Düsseldorf.