On the raod again. With Paul and SAMO© in Montalcino. Brunello is a gift from higher forces.

My suitcase does what it is supposed to do, it travels with me, the fact that SAMO© my sweatheart from 1979 comes along right away is all the better. He’s in it as a divine warrior who fights the enemies of Osiris. Those are the ones who do not respect the laws. Villainous claim that my enlightenment work served solely to increase the value of the case. In 2012, I explained to wdr, TV Studio Düsseldorf, that it would be shredded and put in the coffin with me. I didn’t know then that my suitcase is his metaphysical coffin. All the more reason to shred it as soon as his metapyhsics had arrive.

Would you make your Sweatheart a share, a speculative object, an exhibit? You won’t know how obscene that would be until you know everything.

arte.tv the German-French culture channel 2011: „This is no ordinary suitcase, this is possibly a work of art. With a handle to carry it, Basquiat scribbled something on it“. And then the usual tale, with the degrading tonality: Gutter, graffiti, gallery, heroin, death, the undisciplined black to stupid to enjoy his millions. The contribution was to be broadcast four times. It was not even repeated, I prevented this. „The Bombing of Basquiat“ Jonathan Weinberg called this kind of degrading reporting at the expense of the deceased. Whether art or not, irrelevant, exciting alone: SAMO©s metaphysics, not for sale, metaphysic is immaterial, how can you buy it.