1935 before the Nuremberg Race Laws. Friederich Morgenschweis, born 1910 in Hoboken, Antwerp, child of a Belgian Manouche, as Sinti are called in France and Belgium. 1914, when the Germans invaded Belgium in violation of international law, Belgians killed his German father Joseph. Half a year later, Josephine his mother took her own life. As Friederich could not give proof of beeing Aryan he was taken into „Protective custody“. Released later, when prison chaplain Karl Morgenschweis, his uncle, presented it to the authorities. He was „only half-aryan“. Friederich was my mothers father. She and her brother took their own lives, two decades after he thought he had protected his children from the worst discrimination in convent boarding schools. By 23 and 24 years he outlived his children.

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