Say it in broken pieces

SAM0 1979 Foto Gerard Pas

Feedback to  „This is SAMO©..“: less cryptic, I should report, the request  embarrass me. The story behind the Spanish words is complex. Over the years I always thought less of the then 18 -year-old boy who read to me when I was 21 and had very, very short hair. We played „if I had a flying carpet , I would fly to… Called him SAMO©, the name he let himself be introduced to me by his friends. Jean I spoke incorrectly, like jeans without s, never learned french in school. That SAMO with his real name, and long hair surprised the art world, I did not notice. My inner picture of him looked like Gerard Pas photographed, almost a boy. Traveled with the suitcase. 1982/83 worked  in London, lived in Dave Stewarts home, in Crouch End, which is a strange coincidence. Dave later bought Basquiat paintings.  I guess Dave does not know, that SAMO© stayed in his living room. Renè Tinner, carried the case in Paris and St.Gallen. A list of persons who did it too, I guess would name the German „Geniale Dilletanten“ scene and Swiss Art-Director`s, gentlemen, a dying race I guess. Nobody knew then, that SAMO was Jean-Michel Basquiat. 1986 back in NYC for 3 weeks, with Tita Giese, to present the plantation project „Wild Park Avenue“ I stayed at Arleen`s Place, Broomestreet, SAMO lived around the corner, I did`nt knew.