Arto Lindsay in Düsseldorf: Intensive care against mediocritas

merci vielmals

Because, the night belongs to music: Arto Lindsay, sky-blue guitar, 12 strings (later 11, dental floss), effects devices. And what did he do with it? Playing: unheard, melodic, shrill, poetic, always surprising, unpredictable. Almost forgot how good this felt. Before reciting, Arto  said: sweat. Wunderbar, I love this kind of humor. Then he wanted to know from the audience, what is said in German, when you wake up in a room where you previously never woke up. „Shakesperean“ said a guy and seemed to me, that was not meant. Arto played, and played, and played and sang in brasilian,  charming voice in a charming language, double attack on my senses all above ground, gorgeous to my ears. Again, to the audience “ ?.. is the punishment for bad Punks“ we understood and deliberate and deliberate.

„Haute Couture leather jacket“. No, Ute + I where wrong. „Punishment for grand Punks“ he wanted to know. Never heard the notion „grand Punk“. Had to protest, no punishment for grand punks. Why? We are very special old pale, V.S.O.P. something rare, and only need the fine, so the really fine.  To exit the language of Cognac, let`s go east, to Japan. Wabi-Sabi, an excellent characterization for grand Punks, I assume: asymmetry, asperity  simplicity, economy, austerity, modesty, intimacy. Beija-Me, a hundred times heard, a delicate song, and yet, yesterday heard like for the first time. Chapeau Arto, for your extraordinarily beautiful performance. His voice, this voice, what a voice, as generous as the additions. Merci to Detlev too and to Elmar for the pix. 2D-Gang, Arto: Marker, SAMO©: Tape, Thomas: Pixels. Merci vielmals. And: XXX (swiss-french style) to Julia Stoschek for supporting Arto`s performance.

Arto Gang  28_09_13








My sax-case, not a coffin, 132 seconds with Heinrich Nicolaus at the piano in Belgum, recorded with a Sony dictaphonem, untuned green notes, originally made for Carmen Knoebel.


klavierunterricht Sounds free, very free, in the New World it is called „skronky“. The result, after years of  having pushed to piano lessons.  Good investment it thinks in me today, and the piano teacher who slapped on my fingers? It`s a shame that the side effect, or main effect?, of his music education does not hit his ears. So super lovely to meet and hear you Arto.


untuned green notes:

Arto Lindsay in Düsseldorf

Arto Lindsay in Düsseldorf

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