DIE KRUPPS / 6. 6. 1981 The Big Industrial Bang – The Yuzuru Agi Tapes 1981.6.6(DVD+CD) SSZ3069 貴重なデビュー・ライヴを収めた映像を世界初DVD化!初回特典:同内容のCD。近日ご予約受付開始。

1980 in Düsseldorf

1981 live in Krefeld:

Yuzuru Agi (Camera), Frank Köllges (Drums), Bernward Malaka (Bass), Eva Gossling (Saxophone) Jürgen Engler (Guitar, Stahlofone) missing: Ralf Dörper, synthesizer, he stood behind the speakers.

organized by Carmen Knoebel, Fotos: Achim Duchow.

2021 Japan

by Jürgen Engler
S. Alexander Reed: Assimilate. A Critical History of Industrial Music. Oxford University Press, 2013,

Florian †


Berlin 1979 when I went to study at the Free University, the one in the American sector, Humbold Universtity then was in the GDR, I painted the best dancer in Dusseldorf and took him with me against homesickness, Florian from Kraftwerk. Photo: Karin Luner.

Yozuru Agi 1947 – 2018

so sad, just got informed, Yozuru passed away. Here he filmed Die Krupps Stahlwerksinfonie and Pere Ubu with Laura Logic.

Yozuru Eva
Yozuru, Eva, Achim Duchow© 06/06/1981

so sad, just got informed, Yozuru passed away. Here he filmed Die Krupps Stahlwerksinfonie and Pere Ubu with Laura Logic.

Paul McCartney to Jim Capaldi: „Now they can sue us.“

Jim Capaldi and Rene Tinner, the Swiss Sound Engineer visited Paul McCartney. Jim wants to know how Paul got all the Beatles recordings for the Anthology, because some of them were never officially available as records before. Pirated copies. Paul „from the internet“. Laughing. „Now they can sue us“ – the nice idea that the thieves can now sue those who took back their property makes for quite a refreshing serenity.

Jim Capaldi? Wonderful songwriter, unfortunately deceased. He wrote for Traffic „The low spark of high heeled boys“ – Reebop Kwaku Baah plays here. In 1983 he recorded the beautiful Masimba bele with Stefan Krachten and Helmut Zerlett at CAN Studio. Reebop, who by the way could cook real soul food, died in the same year at Christmas in a Stockholm studio.

Say it in broken pieces

SAM0 1979 Foto Gerard Pas

Feedback to  „This is SAMO©..“: less cryptic, I should report, the request  embarrass me. The story behind the Spanish words is complex. Over the years I always thought less of the then 18 -year-old boy who read to me when I was 21 and had very, very short hair. We played „if I had a flying carpet , I would fly to… Called him SAMO©, the name he let himself be introduced to me by his friends. Jean I spoke incorrectly, like jeans without s, never learned french in school. That SAMO with his real name, and long hair surprised the art world, I did not notice. My inner picture of him looked like Gerard Pas photographed, almost a boy. Traveled with the suitcase. 1982/83 worked  in London, lived in Dave Stewarts home, in Crouch End, which is a strange coincidence. Dave later bought Basquiat paintings.  I guess Dave does not know, that SAMO© stayed in his living room. Renè Tinner, carried the case in Paris and St.Gallen. A list of persons who did it too, I guess would name the German „Geniale Dilletanten“ scene and Swiss Art-Director`s, gentlemen, a dying race I guess. Nobody knew then, that SAMO was Jean-Michel Basquiat. 1986 back in NYC for 3 weeks, with Tita Giese, to present the plantation project „Wild Park Avenue“ I stayed at Arleen`s Place, Broomestreet, SAMO lived around the corner, I did`nt knew.

History and dust Georg *18.08.1929 † 04.04.1969

Scan 2                                                                                                                                                              Six he was, when Pauline, his jewish mom took her life, thirtynine he was, when he hang himself on Good Friday, ten I was then, he was my dad. Magdalena Gross, daughter of Isaak Gross and Rahel Matzner, his grandma. Rahel was born in Oświęcim and died before these little Austrian came to power. That and that her family had a Liqueur distillery give`s me some pleasure.