Remembering Karl Heinz Rummeny.

The last ones, we can’t stop thinking about Karl Heinz. The caretaker asked us to leave two hours earlier. In the park, candles float on the see for him, and it is as always: too late. The wonderful „Parkhaus“, curator, who was so tirelessly committed to art, to artists, died on Sunday. And white roses lie scattered on the flowerbeds. We played Birds Lament by Moon Dog, talked about the eternal life that exists only in remembering. Unbelievable, Karl Heinz has left us.

Karl Heinz with Johannes Stüttgen, talking about Beuys.

„Only that which is identified as false is scientifically impeccable“, Bazon Brock.

Stephen Torton, Basquiats assistent shares my experience that the artist is a hostage of Dr. Dieter Buchhart, the world’s leading Basquiat expert. His art-historical colonial master was a little boy when SAMO© and I discussed Hitler with Alan Baruch Bermowitz (Suicide, NY). Hitler placed himself above the 10 Commandments, so Jean places him above the tent of the Ark of the Covenant, one of his Substitute for God´s law. Photo of a house wall, ©Fernando Natalici, 1980.

What is so ingenious about Basquiat’s recipe in „The New Wave Cook Book“ ?

Stanley Moss published favourite recipes from the NYC New Wave scene in 1980. Michael Holman, Tina L`hotsky, Amos Poe, Anita Sarko, Basquiat a.o.. Only for Basquiat’s cryptic contribution, no food had to be bought. Stan has published Basquiat’s artistic camouflage recipe and didn’t know it til today. Mixing well in the only way that makes sense: upside down. STAGNANCY: his surface that confirms the clichés, black artist, wild, chaotic,intuitive “ primitive“ art, which he used to camouflaged his hidden narratives. They let him become a catalyst for the GOD DOG evolution. Gods? The inventor of civilisation from Africa. The Metropolitan Museum is currently showing the exhibition „The African Origin of Civilisation“. Dogs: thier descendants. Stan with his portrait card he gave me 1979 in my diary and his gift, my portrait card. You can order the New Wave Cook book from Amazon. Why Stan cut the I from the original?

Stan founded The Club of Venice, a private conversation on brands and branding, and is brand guru for Gottschalk+Ash of Zurich. He served as CEO of the Stockholm-based Medinge Group, a think-tank on international brands and branding.

Sun Ra: a catalyst changes everything what remains unchanged Sun Ra and Sun Ra`s Pyramide circle painted by Basquiat. More in MONTREAL on

„Flowers from the Underground“

1979 Bathroom NYC → 2022 NRW Forum Düsseldorf: the Video with the the Sax-lines SAMO© and I invented.

On the occasion of the MTW Awards, the NRW Forum Düsseldorf is showing six videos as part of Flowers from the Underground. They document how actors from the field of independent music – post-punk, new wave, industrial and electronic – explored these new technical and narrative possibilities in the 1980s, creating unexpected connections between art, music and film. Video S-Bahn Berlin, music BlÄSSE „Do you love saxophone“ is part of it. The Sax-lines SAMO© and I invented in Arleen Schloss bathroom, Broome Street, while she was working in her studio, so we didn’t disturb her at work. The record I send to New York 1981 and Glenn O`Brien wrote a critic. „Lieben Sie Saxofon“ the German Titel. Vernissage, November 5.

The NRW-Forum Düsseldorf is an exhibition and event venue in Düsseldorf’s Ehrenhof with a focus on photography, pop and digital culture. It is characterised by an interdisciplinary pro-gramme that deals with current social issues in group and solo exhibitions, festivals and workshops. The initiator is the non-profit foundation imai, which is dedicated to the preservation, archiving, restoration, research, mediation and distribution of video art and media art. NRW-Forum Düsseldorf · Ehrenhof 2 · D – 40479 Düsseldorf the German-French culture channel 2011: „This is no ordinary suitcase, this is possibly a work of art. With a handle to carry it, Basquiat scribbled something on it“. And then the usual tale, with the degrading tonality: Gutter, graffiti, gallery, heroin, death, the undisciplined black to stupid to enjoy his millions. The contribution was to be broadcast four times. It was not even repeated, I prevented this. „The Bombing of Basquiat“ Jonathan Weinberg called this kind of degrading reporting at the expense of the deceased.

Summer in the City „I have always imagined paradise as a kind of library.“ – Jorge Luis Borges Blindness, in: The Last Voyage of Ulysses, Fischer-TB, 2nd ed. 2001, p. 188 „Siempre imaginé que el Paraíso sería algún tipo de biblioteca.“ My little paradise in the garden, with a book and a cup of coffee. Photo: Margrit Hengstenberg.

Basquiat & Kafka & the FBI „[…] that which is hidden in a conundrum is both clear and invisible. Clear to those who have found what they were called upon to look for, invisible to those who do not even know that there is something to look for“, Kafka, in his diary, 1911.

This late work on the door of a bodega in Williamsburg, New York Magazine reported, should be fake It is not, it is the artist in two of his secret identities: the sun king Horus and moon king Thoth. Religious studies could confirm this. Undetected his logic, like that his entire oeuvre is „an hillarious optical illusion“. Knowing his primitivism is the opposite, an ingenious encryption system you could be sure– he painted it. Irony of the authorising committee: they remained ignorant and therefore declared the work inauthentic. in 2010 I wrote to his father, registered mail, it remained unanswered, like my letter to his gallerist.
The grammar of his cryptological communication-system (steganography), would have protected the museum in Orlando. It could not have been fooled by mindless junk, 25 canvases, and saved the FBI work.

Basquiat & FBI He was afraid of the FBI mentions P. Hoban in „Basquiat, A quick killing in art“. Never understood why, but now. Their cryptologists could recognise his steganographically encrypted communication system. With this he hid the Congo Atrocities, Alfred Nobel, Leonhard Euler, George Washington Carver, Jesus, Isis, Osiris, Joseph in Egypt and so on. Primitivism? Camouflage. Recognition protocols for his Steganography, one in his notebook, one in my diary (1979) in which he wrote his drummer’s address so we could stay in touch, as he didn’t have his own back then.

EDUCATION Nil? Nil is German or French for Nile. Compare the i with the other I`s. The lowercase but capitalized i shows me his tiny hint was intentional. „I’m not making paintings,“ he said, „I’m making tablets.“ Loraine O’Grady on Basquiat, artforum 1993. On tablets artists worked in ancient Egypt and Nubia. Owned to them was the straight-view-imaginary, the aspective. The one he used, as well as communicating spelling errors, like in my diary. America with a K is German: AMERIKA, AMERVKA? Compare the I. MICHEAL? A spelling error transforms into a recognition protcoll. The red circle communicates, like the double zero. Red for ashe, Gods power for action, the circle for the magic protection ritual. The two overlapping zeros, a geneological symbol. What does a cryptologist want? To forge Basquiat, the forger must know his encrypted communication system. The one whose canvases were confiscated by the FBI had no idea.