Angela Fette: The Beauty of Capitalism

Now at the Kunsthalle Lingen. Finally something that touches my eye in a strangely delicate way. On view until 13 November. Bottom right, Angela vis-a-vis Robert Delaunay: „Air, fer, eau“ (1937), Exhibition view from „Volatile Dreams“, Art of the World`s Fair, Marta Herford 2019. Foto: Hans Schröder. CV: Studies of Fine Art, Städelschule Frankfurt/Main, Residency at Parsons School NYC, Kunstakademie Duesseldorf.

a classroom at the Gaesdonck full of students?

                               Yes and no. There is only one, Paul, my son. He did it last year before graduation. As the apple`s fall … sometimes. Am I proud? Love. No Delays…Heathrow tube station 2000, Paul in his „Emil und die Detektive“ coat.Paul Tube London2 99

You have been forgotten to gasify

A common saying in Germany in the Sixties and Seventies. Did you not looked like every one, or had your very own thoughts, or belonged to a minority you got to hear this from old Nazis and kind of this type of human beings. When I was orphaned, late side effect of the 3. Reich, the youth welfare office parked me in a boarding school. 1974 I got to hear there that I have been forgotten to gasify. From a daughter of a NATO Officer, after reading in front of the class, why I am against the statute of limitations for Nazi crimes. Murder is murder, it can not be that murder after 30 years is no more murder. Some gasify varieties: You Should be hit to death. You should be cumshot, meant was the euthanasia injection, which Third Reich Doctors use to finish „unworthy life“. So this song, „Ihr wollt mich töten – Their trying to kill me“, a collaboration by Alex Hacke aka Alexander von Borsig (1979) gives me now, 45 years later, a huge pleasure. Another huge pleasure: Made by artist Danielle de Picciotto: The Video.  And of course, the lyrics, grandios, for me. Voila:

The young man and the old man and the Sea

In a summer of a thousand July`s (Billie Holiday sings, like Marlene Dieterich and Astrud Gilberto too, Dizzy Gillespie) the red flag waved, swimming strictly prohibited. One man is in the Sea, with the waves, they eat him. He’s gone, then he is back and gone. Marcello, rescue swimmer calls over. From the neighboring beach the Lifeguard is alarmed. The Sea stay`s alone, Marcello heads off. The missing shows up, starts to walk out. Which elderly man would like to be rescued by a young man, it thinks in me. Foto: Eva Gossling, Paestum.

Sunday afternoon

Museum Island Hombroich, near Düsseldorf. Three boys, in Germany for a year, two from Afghanistan, one from Mosul. Star Wars, that’s what it would look like there, at the rocket station turned into an art centre, which they liked mightily.