Basquiat & Kafka & the FBI

„[…] that which is hidden in a conundrum is both clear and invisible. Clear to those who have found what they were called upon to look for, invisible to those who do not even know that there is something to look for“, Kafka, in his diary, 1911.

This late work on the door of a bodega in Williamsburg, New York Magazine reported, should be fake It is not, it is the artist in two of his secret identities: the sun king Horus and moon king Thoth. Religious studies could confirm this. Undetected his logic, like that his entire oeuvre is „an hillarious optical illusion“. Knowing his primitivism is the opposite, an ingenious encryption system you could be sure– he painted it. Irony of the authorising committee: they remained ignorant and therefore declared the work inauthentic. in 2010 I wrote to his father, registered mail, it remained unanswered, like my letter to his gallerist.

The grammar of his cryptological communication-system (steganography), would have protected the museum in Orlando. It could not have been fooled by mindless junk, 25 canvases, and saved the FBI work.

Basquiat & FBI

He was afraid of the FBI mentions P. Hoban in „Basquiat, A quick killing in art“. Never understood why, but now. Their cryptologists could recognise his steganographically encrypted communication system. With this he hid the Congo Atrocities, Alfred Nobel, Leonhard Euler, George Washington Carver, Jesus, Isis, Osiris, Joseph in Egyt and so on.

Primitivism? Camouflage. Recognition protocols for his Steganography, one in his notebook, one in my diary (1979) in which he wrote his drummer’s address so we could stay in touch, as he didn’t have his own back then.

EDUCATION Nil? Nil is German or French for Nile. Compare the i with the other I`s. The lowercase but capitalized i shows me his tiny hint was intentional. „I’m not making paintings,“ he said, „I’m making tablets.“ Loraine O’Grady on Basquiat, artforum 1993. On tablets artists worked in ancient Egypt and Nubia. Owned to them was the straight-view-imaginary, the aspective. The one he used, as well as communicating spelling errors, like in my diary. America with a K is German: AMERIKA, AMERVKA? Compare the I. MICHEAL? A spelling error transforms into a recognition protcoll. The red circle communicates, like the double zero. Red for ashe, Gods power for action, the circle for the magic protection ritual. The two overlapping zeros, a geneological symbol. What does a cryptologist want?

To forge Basquiat, the forger must know his encrypted communication system. The one whose canvases were confiscated by the FBI had no idea.

1935 before the Nuremberg Race Laws

Friederich Morgenschweis, born 1910 in Hoboken, Antwerp, child of a Belgian Manouche, as Sinti are called in France and Belgium. 1914, when the Germans invaded Belgium in violation of international law, Belgians killed his German father Joseph. Half a year later, Josephine his mother took her own life. As Friederich could not give proof of beeing Aryan he was taken into „Protective custody“. Released later, when prison chaplain Karl Morgenschweis, his uncle, presented it to the authorities. He was „only half-aryan“. Friederich was my mothers father. She and her brother took their own lives, two decades after he thought he had protected his children from the worst discrimination in convent boarding schools. By 23 and 24 years he outlived his children.

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Disenfranchised and robbed

Exhibition about the Jewish art dealer Max Stern, at the Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf until 30 January. His escape to Canada saved him. The Jewish art dealer Alfred Flechtheim, disenfranchised and robbed of his large Avantgarde Art Collection, died impoverished in London in 1936. What did it mean to be disenfranchised? These stickers give a hint of it. Jewish shop! Anyone who buys here is photographed. The Jew lives in this property. No Jew lives in this property.

The small ones were pasted on letters. Free propaganda: „The workers have never been rich from the Jews, but the Jews have always been rich from the workers. If the war is to blame for the German people starving, then the Jew should also starve. The revolutionaries 1918 did not push the property of the private to the people, but the property of the people to foreign countries and to the Jew.“ Idiot`s. The paramilitary Freikorps started to overthrow the Weimar Republic, which was proclaimed on 9 November 1918. Emil Bührle, later an art collector belonged to one of the paramilitary Freikorps units. Kristallnacht, the November pogrom was on 9 November 1938.

Idiot“ comes from the ancient Greek, its meaning? A simple person who did not parti-cipate in political life. In this sense the Nazis were not idiots. What comes out when idiot`s make history also reminds me of Emil Bührle, an arms manufacturer who profited from forced labour in concentration camps. His art collection, acquired cheaply from 1936 until the beginning of the 1950s, serves the city marketing of Zurich. A work Basquiat painted in ink and blood,1980. The D is mirror-inverted. With this reversal he refers to the reversal, the metaphorical transformation of the old symbol of luck into its bloody opposite. D= Deutschland, where the symbol of luck was reversed into its unthinkable tragic misfortune.

That his entire oeuvre is a false flag attack on the art world, as a tribute to the victims of embellished history? He hints at this hidden throughout his work. In „Job Analisis“ it says SEPT 1939, which is a disguised reference to history and his job vocation. September 1939 represents a false flag attack which launched WWII and, as a consequence, the „Endlösung“, the complete annihilation of the Jews. Why do I know this? We talked about it in 1979 and I was able to recognise it in his work, an ingenious enigma puzzle. Who offers three ???

Mister Basquiat– the real one,

Düsseldorf, 27 September 2019 shown in the exhibition space of the oldest art association in the world, the Düsseldorfer Malkasten, founded in 1848. Foto shot by Bobby Grossman on the day, when John Lenon was killed, 8 december 1980.,

Industrial Dance Music, 1980

14 was Alexander von Borsig, aka Alex Hacke when he created the Concert poster for our band BLÄSSE. Berlin 1980 + New York 330 Broome Street. Industrial dance music he called it. Nice inscription, I think. Today he plays with Danielle Picciotto + Einstürzende Neubauten.