Scan 2                                                                                                                                                              Seven he was, when Pauline, his jewish mom took her life, thirtynine he was, when he hang himself on Good Friday, ten I was then, he was my dad. Magdalena Gross, daughter of Isaak Gross and Rahel Matzner, his grandma. Rahel was born in Oświęcim and died before these little Austrian came to power. That and that her family had a Liqueur distillery give`s me some pleasure.

1980 Berlin Alex 111980 Berlin Alex 11Berlin 1980: Alexander von Borsig, aka Alex Hacke, Einstürzende Neubauten, 14 years, made concert posters for our band   BLÄSSE (Paleness) on tour with Arleen Schloss during his eastern school holiday`s. Düsseldorf, Munich & Vienna which was very special: the concert organizer, owner of Modern Art Gallery in which we played for a huge audience did not pay us. For this we were allowed to eat mushy spaghetti and sleep on the wooden floor in her apartment. The Gallery does not exist anymore, maybe? no respect does not pay. Orphee?   Some weeks before in NYC SAMO© went with me to a Cinema where we saw lot`s of Jean Cocteau films. Alex: Mini Moog, Guitar, Bass, tapes, voice. Richard Michael Hirsch Keyboards. Eva: Sax, Voice.Blässe Plakate Alex

Shuddering under autum stars

on a flying carpet

Returns the night and suffers with. Sounds to disappearance. Brigitte: Fender Telecaster. Eva: Selmer Alt-Sax.

HH Mai 78 Eva+ Oehl K kleinHH Mai 78 Eva+ Oehl A klein1978 mute KneipeHH Eva Albert Markus

Traditional Hamburg Kneipe with Markus Oehlen. In the mirror door, Albert Oehlen, Eva too. Cars in the „Schlachthofviertel“ seen from Markus window. Eva: MINOX 35EL

HH Mai 78 Eva+ Oehl M2 klein




HH Mai 78 Eva+ Oehl W4 klein




Paul Gaesdonck Yes and no. There is only one, Paul, my son. He did it last year before graduation. As the apples fall … sometimes. Am I proud? Love. NO DELAYS…Heathrow tube station 2000, Paul in his „Emil und die Detektive“ coat.Paul Tube London2 99

merci vielmals

Because, the night belongs to music: Arto Lindsay, sky-blue guitar, 12 strings (later 11, dental floss), effects devices. And what did he do with it? Playing: unheard, melodic, shrill, poetic, always surprising, unpredictable. Almost forgot how good this felt. Before reciting, Arto  said: sweat. Wunderbar, I love this kind of humor. Then he wanted to know from the audience, what is said in German, when you wake up in a room where you previously never woke up. „Shakesperean“ said a guy and seemed to me, that was not meant. Arto played, and played, and played and sang in brasilian,  charming voice in a charming language, double attack on my senses all above ground, gorgeous to my ears. Again, to the audience “ ?.. is the punishment for bad Punks“ we understood and deliberate and deliberate.

„Haute Couture leather jacket“. No, Ute + I where wrong. „Punishment for grand Punks“ he wanted to know. Never heard the notion „grand Punk“. Had to protest, no punishment for grand punks. Why? We are very special old pale, V.S.O.P. something rare, and only need the fine, so the really fine.  To exit the language of Cognac, let`s go east, to Japan. Wabi-Sabi, an excellent characterization for grand Punks, I assume: asymmetry, asperity  simplicity, economy, austerity, modesty, intimacy. Beija-Me, a hundred times heard, a delicate song, and yet, yesterday heard like for the first time. Chapeau Arto, for your extraordinarily beautiful performance. His voice, this voice, what a voice, as generous as the additions. Merci to Detlev too and to Elmar for the pix. 2D-Gang, Arto: Marker, SAMO©: Tape, Thomas: Pixels. Merci vielmals. And: XXX (swiss-french style) to Julia Stoschek for supporting Arto`s performance.

Arto Gang  28_09_13








My sax-case, not a coffin, 132 seconds with Heinrich Nicolaus at the piano in Belgum, recorded with a Sony dictaphonem, untuned green notes, originally made for Carmen Knoebel.


klavierunterricht Sounds free, very free, in the New World it is called „skronky“. The result, after years of  having pushed to piano lessons.  Good investment it thinks in me today, and the piano teacher who slapped on my fingers? It`s a shame that the side effect, or main effect?, of his music education does not hit his ears. So super lovely to meet and hear you Arto.


untuned green notes:

Arto Lindsay in Düsseldorf

Arto Lindsay in Düsseldorf

Arto spieltArto L still

IMG_0730 Kopie

Foto: Thomas Ruff, Courtesy Eva-Maria Gossling


The great unwashed Gothic Painting

Eyes in angry to be answered

Rapture recorded proof effortless

slaping sense in terms of ticking suitcases

denies ever seeing

sterile divider most pressing moss retreat


The whole livery line bow like this with the big money

all stuffed into these feet

bleeched assasin curaes milace over a distance

eavesdropping more often discriminating the low brow

might be the doctor´s brother and this other man

little nazi tea sets with eagles on them

bronze this high

brick inlay

From SAMO©. It rings  bell`s.  To me. The word Gothic was initially used as a synonym for „Barbaric“, and was therefore used pejoratively. The Gothic was an visualization era of the Christian world of ideas and made ​​use of it on a large scale of symbolism and allegory.

Samo + Olympus OM1



Samo nov 79

Horst, Eva, SAMO©+OM1




Merci Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones und Gaetano Veloso, you made more than „my day“.

Wer hört das nicht gerne? Komm wie Du bist…. as an old memoria

Kunst Crash Kurs. Eine  wunderbare TV Dokumentation von 1980 von Robert Hughes + BBC + Time-Life-Film.  8 teilig und sie sind wunderbar anzusehen, eine Art Crash Kurs in Kunst. The keyword of the century: Modernity…..gemeint kann da nur sein, das 20. Jahrhundert.

Juni 2013: Bei Youtube leider nun für Deutschland gesperrt, anyway von Robert Hughes gibts Video Lessons about Art fast wie Sand am Meer.


A a different kind of shock: Robert Hughes, Art Critic NYT, about the Basquiat Retrospektive, Whitney 1992„…a parody of a funeral rite performed over a slender talent encased in a sarcophagus grossly to large for it…The life was so sad and truncated, and the art that came out of it so limited, that it seems unfair to dwell on either. Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel?

Encore? A Disaster

Basquiat`s sensibility, insofar as he can be said to have any, was that of an untrained and unruly adolescent wise only in his instinct for self display as a means of self-advancement… I´ve seen subway-car grafitti that was a lot more interesting than this stuff.“ Hilton Kramer, New York Observer.


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