You have been forgotten to gasify

A common saying in Germany in the Sixties and Seventies. Did you not looked ironed like every one, or had your very own thoughts, or belonged to a minority you got to hear this from old Nazis and kind of this type of human beings. When I was orphaned, late side effect of the 3. Reich, the youth welfare office parked me in a boarding school. 1974 I got to hear there that I have been forgotten to gasify, from a daughter of a NATO Officer, after reading in front of the class, why I am against the statute of limitations for Nazi crimes. Murder is murder, it can not be that murder after 30 years is no more murder. Some gasify varieties: You Should be hit to death. You should be cumshot, meant was the euthanasia injection, which Third Reich Doctors use to finish „unworthy life“. So this song, „Ihr wollt mich töten – Their trying to kill me“, a collaboration by Alex Hacke aka Alexander von Borsig (1979) and the Band „Die Sterne“ gives me now, 35 years later, a huge pleasure. Another huge pleasure: Made by artist Danielle de Picciotto: The Video.  And of course, the lyrics, grandios, for me. Voila:

An der Küste liest man steigt die Flut…….on the coast one reads the tide rises

Pascal Lamorisse, (Captain)  Eva Goessling (Passenger) vorm Pampelonne Beach, St. Tropez

Oddyseus mit Nereide, sanft im prickelnden Wellensalat, Poseidon schlummert träge, Cap Camarat ist befreit, kecke Grillen knabbern Pampelonne und Telemachos liest man, hat nur Wut.Wut.Wut.

Oddyseus with Nereid, gently sparkling in choppy wave salad, Poseidon sluggish slumbers, Cap Camarat is free, bold crickets nibble Pampelonne and Telemachos one reads, has only anger, anger, anger.

Pascal Lamorisse, son of Albert Lamorisse and actor in his fathers movie „Red Ballon“. Cannes Film Festival: Palme d’Or du court métrage/Golden Palm; The Red Balloon, Best Short Film 1956 . Academy Award,  Oscar; The Red Balloon, Best Writing, Best Original Sreenplay  1957. The movie is a poem, the adventures of a young boy who one day finds a sentient, mute, red balloon, is told.

Pascal shared a room with Florian, the  brother’s of my best friend Tina, in a boarding school in Germany. Today he has a vineyard, Domaine de Meaux, Le Vin des Cineastes, in the Provence and visited us on that day in the Bastide Blanche, the estate of Tina’s father in Ramatuelle, where we were on holiday. He shows us, that he is brilliant photgrapher. Tina told me, that Pascal once visited them not using his black Volkswagen Golf GTI, he needed to be a little vaster, and took a helicopter.

Like to taste „Le Vin des Cineastes“ ?

Die Himmel über Chames

Salamandersanftmut innendrinnen, Nachtigallen aussendraussen, Buddleia Bäumchen bleiben, mit Clothilde vom Ernst beträufelt. Die Ewigkeit meiner Ferne, zagend auf Zehen gehend, verweist weit weg im Himmel aus schwarz und Chames. Über den Wolken lachte die Sonne.

Meekness of a salamander inside, nightingales outside, buddlleia trees remaining, softly moistened by Ernst with Clothilde. The eternity of my distance, hesitantly tipping on toes, deserted in a far away sky from black and Chames.  Over the clouds, the sun laughing.

Glückspielautomatenknacker 2003





Er warf Münzen ein, startete den Automat, schrieb kleine saubere Zahlen, beobachtete das Automatenverhalten, entschlüsselte peu a peu die verborgene Mechanik des Glücksautomaten. Saß still dabei, konnte Stunden dauern, belohnt durch Unmengen von Münzen, die dann später aus dem Automaten schossen. Tak-Tak, Tak-Tak-Tak, das Geldauffangfach überfüllten, auf den Boden hüpften, rumkullerten, wegkullerten, als wollten sie sich verstecken.                                                        Aus „Glückspielautomatenknacker“, 2003. Georg Gössling 1947:


he threw coins, started the machine, wrote small neat figures, watching the machine behavior, little by little decoded the hidden mechanics of gambling machines. Sat quietly while could take hours, rewarded with oodles of coins then later shot from the machine. Tak-Tak, Tak-Tak-Tak, the money catch tray crowded, jumped to the ground, rumkullerten, wegkullerten when they tried to hide.

From „gambling machines buster“. 2003. George Gössling 1947:

Planetenstaubtrost Januar 2004


Lautlos singende Gänse

Flattern an schwankende Ufer

liegen im königsblaublau Schatten

mit Ohrmuscheln zart reanimiert.

Wüstenkornkind gefriergetrocknet

ein Mund, ein Roter blättert auf

wieder und wieder und wieder auf.

Rosa lauschende Muscheln Lächeln

Leben von Deinem Mund

Planetenstaubtrost mein

leise genaschter.







Planetary dust consolation, Silently Singing Goose

Flutter to fluctuating shore, laying in royal blue blue shadows


resuscitated with delicate ears. Desert Child grain freeze dried

a mouth, a red flakes on again and again and again.


Pink listening mussels smile. Life of Your Mouth

Planetary dust my consolation  nibbled quietly.